Take 3 for the Sea March Challenge.

Have you ever thought about how much rubbish is already in the Ocean?

Take a look online & you will grasp a real look into what we are doing to our water & Marine Life.

I was so happy to see Hobart set in place a ban on single plastics, if all other states could follow.

What can you do now to reduce your plastic use? What can you do to help clean up the Oceans?

Well picking up all your rubbish & recycling is a great start.

Take part in this months @take3forthesea Challenge by collecting 3 pieces of rubbish from your local beach or waterways and post about it online.

The more we make people aware & start cleaning up, the better for our Oceans.


I’m going to take a few more people who might want to take part this month that i know love our Oceans.

@bajiskincare , @summerlovescrub , @fashion_jewellery_plus , @stephaniebarreca , @brightsidebeautynr .


Head over to @take3forthesea & jump on board.


@take3forthesea #take3forthesea #take3fortheseachallenge #take3challenge #sstake3challenge @socialsouphq #juanitaheart #cleanwater #byronbay #cleanoceans #reducewaste #noplastic #pickupyourrubbish #beaches



  1. I do recycle as well but there are just so many packages that mix plastic with metal infused stickers or paper which make them impossible to recycle. it makes me really sad n gives me heartache every time I see them . Thanks for putting in your positive effort in making th world a better place!

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