Earths Purities Deodorant.

On the look for a natural deodorant?

Even better one with no Bicarbonate soda.

I found this range about 2 years ago Earths Purities & been happy as with it. My family has worked it’s way through the range of Men’s & Ladies Deodorants, perfumes & Magnesium Gels.

They also do a Armpit detox product called Detox-A-Pit which gives the armpits a great detox and leaving them non stinky. This was a winning product with my son who is going through puberty.

So the products are Aluminium, Palm Oil & Synthetic fragrance free while using natural & organic ingredients.

Recently i have been using the Deodorant for her, so when i first put it on it does smell of Apple Cider Vinegar then after about 5 mins it goes and i am left with a Floral & Citus scent. The key ingredients of Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic witch hazel & Colloidal Silver help to kill odour causing bacteria & balance your PH levels.

While the non greasy oils keeps the skin dry but very well nourished. Also with the use of Essential oils for scent they also provide antibacterial & anti-microbial properties leaving a beautiful fresh scent. Comes in a glass roll on to.


A great range to check out & highly recommended by me 😀.


I purchase these from Sassy Organics And use code JUANITA10 for a discount.


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