Himalayan Rose body Polish by Body Botanicals.

I love a good body Polish & love it even more if it has Rose in it.

Mmmmm 🌹 this is a simple yet brilliant skin polish from @bodybotanicals_aus .

This is the Himalayan Rose body polish & gives my skin a great polish removing all old dead skin while nourishing it with Coconut oil & leaving a delightful Rose scent.


This is even great to uses as a scrub while standing in bath then sit down and watch it all melt away. I must say i do so love skin scrubbing followed by a bath, it is the ultimate Self Care act to say thank you to all that lush skin.


Ingredients in this are simple Himalayan Salt, Coconut oil & Rose Geranium Essential oil making this All natural, Vegan & Cruelt free 😀.


Made with ❤️from @bodybotanicals_aus .


What are you doing to say thanks to your skin today?


#bodybotanicals #juanitaheart #skincare #beauty #vegan #rose #skinscrub #bodypolish #lovemyskin #selfcare


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