Body Botanicals Sensual Soak

After my juicy Taste of Love Festival in Byron last weekend i have been feeling very sensual & in tune with my self.

Been tuning more into what Self Care & Love mean to me plus how I practice it to. I will be doing a lot of Self care this weekend and made no plans.


I must say a bath is one of my favourite things to bring myself back to me. Laying in water 💦 & letting my body & mind float.

It is the ultimate me time & normally you do left alone 🤣. Lock the door if you can.


This is the beautiful Sensual Soak from Body Botanicals . This took my bath to a whole new level with it’s Rose Geranium scent leaving me smelling so good. I just melted away & can’t wait for another one this weekend.

This is a artesian, hand blended delight of Sodium Chloride, Magnesium flakes, Dead sea salts, Organic Rose Petals & Essential Rose Geranium oil.


Something about Rose Petals in baths 🛁 just sends me to luxurious levels of relaxation. This bath was so relaxing & i must say i smelt of Roses 🌹 all day.

Rose really resenates with me & my passion.


This range is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Hypoallergenic, Natural & Organic , head over and check out Body Botanicals


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