Take 3 for the Sea March Challenge.

Have you ever wondered how much plastic is in the Ocean? 🌊 Just google Plastic map of the Ocean & have a look, it will shock you.


It is our responsibility to clean up our Oceans. Also to stop using so much plastic.


Today i was at the dog beach & collected 3 pieces of rubbish for the Take 3 for the sea challenge.


Imagine if we all took part in this challenge, all you have to do is collect 3 pieces of rubbish from the beach or waterway.

Can we collect a million pieces of rubbish?


Head over to Take 3 for the Sea and join the March challenge.


I nominate @kalai_collective @katttttyh @juandollarphotos .


#take3forthesea #take3challenge #plasticfree #rubbish #cleanoceans #oceans #water #cleanwater #ballina #juanitaheart #beach #selfcare #challenge #rubbish #socialsoup



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