Hemp Lip Balms.

I love the Vegan Made Delights delish Vegan, Organic & Gluten free range including Macaroons, Spreads & Raw Bars.

This range is so tasty while being totally nutritious.

The exciting new product that had launched is the Hemp Lip Balms in Lemon Lime & Peppermint.

They are so creamy & smooth i just want to keep applying 😂. I also use my lip balms for any dry patches of skin on my body also 👌.

Made from a Certified Organic blend of Hemp oil, Candelilla wax, Olive Oil, Calendula Flowers infused In Sunflower Oil & Essential oils.


The Peppermint gives me the up & go in the mornings, while the Lemon Lime keeps my senses wanting Cheesecake all afternoon 😉.

My lips are so soft after using all week and ready for some sweet 💋 😘 kisses.


Check out the New Lip Balms at Vegan Made Delights

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