The Bircher Bar Chai Latte Mix.

Good Morning! Great way to start a day is with The Bircher Bar Chai Latte Mix or Golden Latte Mix.

This is a natural, unsweetened, Caffine free & totally delish.


Today I’m having a Chai Latte, a beautiful blend of Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardomom, Chinese 5 spice, Nutmeg & Vanilla.

Just a teaspoon or 2 in a pot of warm Almond Milk & yum yum delish drink.


I paired this today with my Vegan Made Delights Coconut Macaroons 😋.


Loving the cooler weather today & enjoying a warm drink. Have a wonderful Tuesday all ❤️.


Check out The Bircher Bar for a range of yummy drink mixes, use code JUANITA for a 10% discount.


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Cup & saucer from @beneaththetreefern .



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