Smoothie Bowls

Mother’s day Smoothie Bowls 🤗.

To start my day off great 👍 i made these delish Berry Nut Blast bowls with Turmeric granola.

Here is the recipe.



2 frozen bananas.

Cup of frozen strawberries .

Cup of frozen raspberries.

Almond milk.

Tablespoon of Maca powder   La Kult

2 Teaspoons The Golden Latte mix   The Bircher Bar

1 teaspoon Earths Purities  Diatomaceous Earth.

2 teaspoons of My Organics  Cacao.

2 teaspoons Super Smoothies   After glow superfood blend.

3 teaspoons Power Super foods  Recovery.

Dash of Cinnamon.

Blend until smooth them put in bowls.


Topped with the oh so tasty Bliss Fit Foods Activated Turmeric Blast Granola.


Pili Nuts  Pili nuts.

My Organics  Chia seeds.

Dash if Cinnamon.


Get in your mouth and mmmm drooling 🤤.

The Bliss Fit foods Granola and the Pili Nut make this a berry nut sensation and packed full of nutrition.

Have a beautiful day Mother’s ❤️.


Shop at The Bircher Bar and use my code JUANITA for 10% off the range.


My beautiful cotton green towel is from @kalai_collective .


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