Pearl Bar Oral Care Range.

Ever thought about your Dental products? .


Are they working for you & the environment?


I have really looked into my Dental products ingredients & also changed years ago from a plastic toothbrush to a Bamboo Charcoal one that you can compost after using.


Pearl Bar offers a great range of Bamboo toothbrushes, Activated Charcoal Toothpaste & Charcoal infused floss picks.


The Pearl Bar toothpaste is a great way to whiten teeth & cleanse your mouth with added ingredient Bentonite clay while also reduces bacteria. Made with Organic ingredients, Vegan, Fluoride free and Non GMO. .

I’m super excited to get my hands on the Charcoal infused Floss picks as my gums have been flaring up lately. I actually love Charcoal toothpastes & it is such a easy way to make your teeth sparkle.


Check out this Organic Natural range at Pearl Bar.

Use code JUANITALOVESPEARLBAR for 15% off this range 😁.


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