Make Me Glow with Zuii Organics.

Make Me Glow Kit from Zuii Organics is out now & definitely something you need to get your hands on.


I have been using this kit on top of my Gradual Tan Cream to give my skin that Summer Glow & Tan.


This is a Certified Organic, Vegan, Mineral Enriched & made from a base of real Flowers. How good is that? I use so many products from this brand and love them all.


So here on my beautiful bronzed arm from the gradual Tan cream i have added, first next to wrist the Flora Contour Bronzer, this is fabulous for contouring on top of your tan.


Second is the Flora Luminiser, i have been using this all over on top of my tan and also under my make up for a extra glow.


Third is the Diamond Sparkle that i love as a fine cheek highlighter and also around my eyes.


Definitely been having lots of fun with this kit & already have my summer glow on 😀.


Looking for a Vegan & Organic Glow kit well here is Zuii Organics Tried & tested with a 10/10 from me.


Zuii Organics Shop now.


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