Turmeric Bean Nachos with The Bircher Bar

This Turmeric Golden Latte mix is so versatile & so with so many health benefits it is worth putting in everything.

Did you know Turmeric is nutritionally dense & strengthens the immune system?

With that being said why wouldn’t you want it added to your nightly dinner. I especially like it in my Bean meals, it gives this deep sweet savory blend that keeps you going back for more.

If you love bean nachos like i do then you need this delicious vegetarian recipe. 😋

This is my easy go to meal at least twice a week. If you have a family to feed just double the recipe.

1 can of organic mixed beans

1 can of organic butter beans

Organic tomato paste

Cherry Tomatoes



Smoked Paprika


The Bircher Bar Golden Latte Mix

Byron Bay Corn Chips

Nimbin Cheese

Sour Cream

Chives or Spring Onions to top

Byron Bay Chilli Sauce


I preheat oven or grill while i make the mix in my frying pan.

Fry the onions & garlic, then add teaspoon Smoked Paprika, a teapoon of Cumin and 2 teaspoons of Golden Latte mix. Add the 2 cans of beans and 3 tablespoons of tomato paste and chopped in half Cherry tomatoes.

Pour mix into a baking dish and topped with cheese. Oven for 10mins on high and good to go. Top with sour cream, chives and chilli sauce.

Then get it in your mouth! 😋🤗 Your taste buds will be so impressed.

Recipe for vegans take out cheese & sour cream.

Get your hands on the Golden Latte mix at The Bircher Bar

Use code JUANITA for a 10% discount.

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