My Yoga Lifestyle Daily Planner & Mantra cards.

Restoring day for me today. I have finished work and now have my weekend to myself. My body is calling out for some deep rest & meditation 🧘‍♀️ so that is my afternoon.

Going to journal & set more intentions for next week. My daily planner from My Yoga Lifestyle has been really me helping stay on track with my goals while also uplifting me with all the quotes in it.

I especially love all the room for end of month reflections.

I have love using the Mantra cards which i also go to when i need to reflect. Having time out from it all gives you ultimate time with yourself, time to check & see how you are doing. Also giving yourself space if there is anything you need to process or let go off.

Well time for me to unwind down from the week and have some much needed me time 😀.


Have a great weekend all.


@myyogalifestyle_namaste .


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