Amazing Oils Magnesium Flakes.

Woohoo it’s friday & i have had another week on my feet.

Going home to have my Magnesium Flake bath with @amazingoilsmagnesium .

I love the Roll on & wipes while i am at work & on the go but nothing is as good as a long Magnesium soak.

Magnesium relaxes my muscles & nervous system to a totally Zen state aaahhh. Magnesium also drives Calcium into the bones so keeping your magnesium levels up help keep your bones nice and strong. Hence why once i found out i had Oesteo i have been using daily.


Well I’m off to do my afternoon Yoga followed by a long Magnesium bath 🛁.


Happy Fridays all.


@amazingoilsmagnesium .


#amazingoilmagnesium @persollo_ #magnesium #juanitaheart #byronbay #relaxing #bathtime #magnesiumflakes #healthy #restore #selfcare #soremuscles #selflove


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