Happy Sundays.


Wow January has just flown bye for me. With doing heaps of ultimate rest & recovery time i have really set goals and plans for this year. Also given myself space to release so many old emotions and beliefs systems that have been coming up for me. Not sure why but over Christmas & the New year my mind was just flooding with unprocessed stuff.


Best thing i could do was create space for it all to release. While feeling like i was doing nothing in turn i was doing everything. I have found space & silence to be my greatest asset at the moment.


Definitely loved a few weeks of processing & now ready to get into my year, even if it’s a little late 😂. Do you create space & time for yourself? When we slow down & stop it’s groundbreaking what comes to light.


Getting ready for my day with my Sarah Clare Designs Handmade earrings that are bright & bubbly. These bring a smile to everyones faces.


Today I’m heading to a friends baby shower then off to the beach with my fur babies. Head home for a hair & face pamper session to.


Sarah Clare Designs

Have a great sunday all ❤️.


#reflections #juanitaheart #space #healing #selfcare #selflove #magic #sarahclaredesigns #happy #goals #renew #earrings #handmade #jewellery #weekends #restore


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