Orthopaedic Posture Corrector.

Back Pain 😭 sends me crazy. I have really had to learn massive self care since my back fracture & always need extra back support.

This is a nifty little product i found online at http://www.littlerow.com a Orthopaedic Posture Corrector for $14.99.

This is a adjustable strap and really helps me as you can’t slouch. I wear mine under my clothes while at work , beach walking & at home i just wear it over my clothes. Also great if you are stuck in front of computer all day long.

This helps to improve posture, align shoulders & spine and upper back. I know i have had a lot less back pain since using this.

Sold in med or large & free postage at the moment.

Buy It now!

Loads of other cheap nifty things on the website like kitchen & bathroom accessories, gadgets & life hacks.

I know I’m going to love my Dumpling press & Bluetooth speaker i just bought as well.


Prices starting at $1 and with free worldwide postage it’s worth checking out.


Little Row 50%-70% off store wide and free worldwide shipping.


Buy this now at Buy now!


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