Mermaid Elixir & Gua Sha massager.

I was so excited to get these in my December @theyogaboxau , the box that is always packed with self care & restoring goodies.


From Mermaid Julsia the Mermaid Elixir & the Rose Quartz Gua Sha facial massager.

I have been loving learning to massage my face & I’m loving this more than the Jade Roller.

The shape is so perfectly fitting for your face & i love doing this after a Yoga or Meditation session.

If you check out Mermaid Julsia She has some helpful videos to learn to use it.


The Mermaid Elixir is like wow! I’m totally in love with it, probably as i was a Mermaid in my past life .

So it is a ethically sourced wild harvested Tamanu oil from Vanuatu, cold pressed, raw and unrefined.

This oil reminds me of Kakadu Plum, which i love to no end and has a similar scent. It’s a multi use oil that helps promote skin cell renewal, healthy nails & hair growth. I have been loving using this on my cuticles and dry hair ends & i have noticed after a few weeks of use how healthy both are looking now.

So hydrating while being non greasy, helps with all those fine lines & leaves my skin glowing.

This is a fabulous oil to use your Gua Sha with but o have also tried it with a few of my other facial oils. All have worked well.


This is a Certified non toxic oil free from Palm oil, additives, fragrance & synthetic preservatives. Vegan friendly & no animal testing.


Check this out at Mermaid Julisa


Crystals from The Crystal Element use code JUANITA15.


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