Aequora Intense Hand Cream

Do you use hand creams?

I always do as did you know your hands are one of the first areas to start display signs of ageing.

I also work as a jewellery repairer so constantly have cuts & scraps as well as getting dry hands.

The best ways to combat hand ageing is exfoliating & moisturising. I have been using the Intensely Moisturising Hand cream from Aequora Skincare

This is a luxurious easily absorbed hand cream that softens & nourishes my hands.

With fresh zesty Essential oils & Native botanicals extracts it smells great & brings my hands back to life.

I can instantly see the moisture put back in my hands while also plumping out those fine lines. I love using more intense hands creams now i am older & my hands are starting to show some ageing.


This is made with natural & organic ingredients including Shea butter, Vitamin E & Jojoba.


Happy hands, Happy Life 😀.


Check this beauty out at Aequora skincare



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