Baji Skincare

I have got my hands on some more Baji Skincare

Super excited on my last Sydney trip i got to meet up Angelina from Baji Skincare. Her beautiful daughters make candles & bathbombs also, thanks for the gifts i have loved using them & they are made so well.


The 2 new products I’m busting to use are the 2 ready to use in jar face masks. More to come about them later.


So if you haven’t heard about Baji Skincare, it is a Australian made & owned skincare brand that loves to capture the native lands superior ingredients like Davidson Plum, Lilly Pilly & Quandong.

All products are made with natural active & organic ingredients with the highest quality control.


I am still working my way through this range but the outstanding products so far for me have been the Certified Organic Rosehip & Argan oil plus the eye cream & serum. For these 4 products there is a 50% discount using my code Juanita21.


Check this out at Baji Skincare


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