Amazing Oils Magnesium.

What did i get up on the long weekend?

Well a whole lot of me time. All about me, relaxing, reading a book, watching movies and some long baths.

The thing i really do love about baths is generally you are left alone 🤣, the ultimate me zone. Especially if you have a busy household, kids & animals.

I had 3 beautiful long baths over the long weekend with the Magnesium Flakes. In this heat i like cooler baths so I dissolve the flakes in hotter water in a bucket then add to my bath.

Magnesium soaks in so well topically & relieves my sore muscles plus some aches & pains.


These magnesium flakes are organically sourced Magnesium Chloride flakes that help you relax & unwind. This bag of Flakes is huge & last for like 10 baths.


I also use my roll on Magnesium gel from this brand daily also as you know baths sometimes are hard to come by.

Another little trick i love doing is soaking my feet in my foot bucket after work even if you have just 10 mins.

Sometimes me time is hard to find but Amazing Oils Magnesium has a huge range of magnesium products that can help you with that.

I have been using Magnesium daily topically for over a year now & I definitely notice the difference plus my muscles aches are down to a minimum.


Definitely my go to brand for all thing Magnesium. Australian owned.


Amazing Oils Magnesium


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