Jak Organics Refreshing Wipes

I absolutely love the Jak Organic Oil wipes range.

They are 100% natural, vegan & GMO free while containing Certified organic ingredients.

These are so perfect to have in your bag for all spilt coffee, clean ups, refresh your skin or wiping that leftover lunch off your face 😀.


The Body refreshing oil wipes are made with Organic Jojoba, May Chang, Sweet Orange & Patchouli oil. These not only smell great & refreshing they eliminate body odour, acts as a light moisturiser, cleans & nourishes while refreshing face & body.


The Face nourishing oil wipes are made from a soft bamboo fibre packed with Organic Coconut, Jojoba Seed & Rose Hip Oil which remove make up, cleans & hydrates skin, improves skin tone while being rich in antioxidants. These are fabulous to refresh your face during the day & wiping off that summer sweat 😓.

The best feature is they are biodegradable & also hypoallergenic, I’m totally wrapped in these and they are regularly found in my bag. I also keep a packet at work behind counter for any messy encounters 👍.


This range is full of natural goodness, Gmo free, no palm oil, cruelty free, no nasties & refreshing earth friendly 🌎.


Thanks The Yoga Box  for adding these beauties to your boxes 😘 .


Check this fabulous range out at Jak Organics



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