My Organic Foods Tropical Bliss Balls.

I love My Organics & I especially love making Bliss Balls. They are so easy to make & a healthy choice for a snack.


Here are my Summer Tropical Bliss Ball that i made with My Organics ingredients & added some Tropical Organic Fusion Protein from Natural Health Company to get the lovely green colour & a delish flavour. 😋.  This protein is also packed with Maca powder & is a gluten free powder.


Totally easy to make. Here is my recipe.

Soak 4 cups of My Organic dates in water for a hour.

Add dates to blender and blend.

Add in My Organics Almond meal 2.5 cups

Blend this till smooth then add

3 Tablespoons of Melted Organic Coconut oil

2 Teaspoons of Organic Vanilla

1 scoop of the Tropical protein powder

Blend again and remove from blender

2 cups of slivered Almonds from My Organics

Now i mixed it by hand as i did not want to break up the Almond pieces.

If mix if still to soft add more almond meal. I always put in fridge for a hour, then i roll balls and put back in fridge. I dusted some balls with coconut to. This made about 25 balls for me.

Served with the Nibble mix from My Organics making it a perfect afternoon treat this summer.

The balls were nice a sweet with a punch of tropical flavour. Love the extra almond crunch in them also. These were a hit with the family.




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