Zuii Organics Flora Self Tanning Foam

Wow summer is in full swing & it’s been 🥵 hot. I’ve been hitting the beach every afternoon & loving getting in all these swims.

My olive skin does tan nice & easy but i always like a extra glow. Why i am Italian & love being dark 🤣.

I have been using the Self Tanning Foam from @zuiiorganic . I was wrapped in this product when i did a trial months ago & been hooked since.


Made from Organic Bamboo juice, Raw Cacao & Grape Skin Extract keeps your skin hydrated & moistured with a natural colour. The range has 4 shade to choose from, last time i tried the medium but as i have a good natural tan already happening i got the Dark this time.

I skin scrubbed my whole body last night then i like to put my foam on all over my body at about 8pm, then do another coat at 8.30 then sleep. Wash off in the morning and wow look at that tan & glow 😀. I always sleep in a old black dress 😂 & use the tan glove to apply the foam.

The foam has no stinky smell & is non sticky. It really just feels like your putting on moisturizer.

I love the natural glow this gives then i top up about every 7 days with another coat.

There is also available a Gradual Face tan lotion , gradual body tan lotion , dry oil tan extender & luminising cream. I have tried them all now & super happy. Even more happier i have found a totally amazing tan range that is Certified Organic & 🌱 Vegan.


Stay glowing all year with ZUII ORGANICS


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