Coast Sydney Botanicals Simply Detox Serum.

Coast Sydney Botanicals is one my Favourite brands and i have used every product in the range & the perfumes. One thing i can say is this brand ises top quality ingredients , is made with love & all comes in glass.

Last month i got my hands on the new product Simply Detox Purifying Face Serum with Prickly Pear extract.

I have been using this for about 6 weeks now under my facial oil at night time. Other than being the most amazing serum i have ever smelt, it is the most beautiful shade of pink & is packed with so much goodness for my skin.


Detoxifying skincare aims to cleanse the skin like pollution, make up & bacteria while unclogging pores to leave you with brighter, smoother & relaxed skin. Perfect to wear under make up in this hot weather.

My skin is totally glowing & it is such a pleasure to use. I love smelling my hands afterwards 👌.


This serum is made on a Organic Aloe Vera base and has key ingredients

Prickly Pear Fruit extract, contains Vitamin E & K as well skin nourishing fatty acids.

Aloe Vera Gel, contains healing & anti inflammatory properties.

Sake extract, Rich in Vitamins, minerals & Amino acids.

Witch Hazel, acts as a natural astringent, soothes, controls redness.

Willowbark Extract, anti-inflammatory, soothing & Natural exfoliant.

Butchers Broom, gives eyes a plumping, reduces darkness under eyes, detoxifying & anti-inflammatory.

Gotu Kola, Regenerate skin cells, wound healing, reducing wrinkles & skin firming.

Red Gromwell extract, moistures & sooths rough skin.

Rose Damask Essential oil, stimulates,hydrates & astringent.


So much goodness in one bottle & perfectly picked ingredients for maximum skin benifits.

Perfect for any skin type.

This left my skin detoxed, smooth, hydrates, glowing & totally fabulous. So wrapped in this product & definitely one of the best multipurpose serum on the market.


Use code JUANITA20 for a discount.


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