Locako Creamers

Woohoo @locakobars have some new products out & I’m impressed.


The Organic Mushroom Elixir with Wild Crafted Chaga & Lions Man is a wonderful blend & a spiced Vanilla flavour. It tastes so good i have been putting in all my drinks & teas. Look at how good my Iced Coffee looks & that beautiful head 😋 .


This is also Low Carb, Keto, Gluten Free & Vegan 🌱.

A perfect alternative to using milk as it makes every drink so creamy & tasty.


Some benefits of using this are Provides instant energy source, aids in weight loss, supports gut health, improves mood & digestion, fights inflammation & lowers Cholesterol. I’m so in love with this blend 😋 & i totally love Spiced Vanilla.


The natural MCT oil & Grass Fed Collagen Natural Coffee Creamer i have been loving in my smoothies. Made on a coconut milk base & being extra creamy with being Dairy & Gluten free. This helps imcrease skin hydration, supports gut health, anti-ageing, promotes weight loss & naturally suppresses appetite.


Definitely a great range & one I can’t live without. All my drinks are so exciting, full of flavour & totally good for me.


Check out @locakobars and use code JUANITA15 for a 15% discount.


@locakobars .


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