Little Bliss Coffee & Coconut Scrub!

I love a good body scrub & perfect time of year to get that skin out.

In summer i like to use more course coffee scrubs & scrub off all that winter skin.


This is the Coffee Coconut Body Scrub from @_littlebliss a delightful blend of Organic Coconut, Coffee, Coconut oil, Himalayan rock salt, Vitamin E & Rapadura sugar. Not only does this smell totally delish it also leave your skin super soft & clean. I give extra love & scrubs to my soft spots & cellulite 👍.


I have been using this scrub as my Self Tan prepper with it stripping off old@tan really easily. It also makes my skin very even & strips away all dead skin making it a perfect tan canvas. I have been using the Eco tan by Sonya Driver , both of these products i get from @sassyorganics .


@sassyorganics My one stop shop for all things Organic 😀.


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