Amazing Oils Magnesium Baby Roll on.

We all know how how i love my Magnesium.

Applying Magnesium topically can have a much higher absorption rate than oral methods. Hence why i love the @amazingoilsmagnesium range. Now they have released the Baby Calm Gel Roll on, great for ages 3 months to 5years. Comes in a easy to apply roll on tube & can assist with Sleep, Growing Pains, Irritability & Restlessness.


My niece Valerie has all her teeth coming through so i have been applying 3 times a day around jaw, neck & temples. Great way to offer some natural relief while also boosting Magnesium levels in the body. She loves it now & puts it on herself 👍. Also a great way to start educating kids about keeping up our Magnesium levels.


Organically sourced from Salt Lakes in Australia 🇦🇺 @amazingoilsmagnesium .


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