Patch Strips

Everytime i go to visit my nieces have so much fun going through my bags to see all the neat tricks i have.


I love teaching them about Organic alternatives to products & showed them @patchstrips .


These are the Activated Charcoal & Aloe Vera Organic strips from @patchstrips , a natural wound care alternative.


The Activated Charcoal ones help draw out impurities, reduce redness & repair minor abrasions. The Aloe Vera ones help soothe blisters, cuts & minor abrasions. These are also Latex, Thimerosal & Merthiolate free.

Fabulous for sensitive skin & made from Organic Bamboo fibre & Organic Bamboo Gauze.


Well the kids are hooked and love them, they also said how nice they feel on the skin & don’t hurt when you take them off. I had to leave some there for them in the special draw 😂 also been told to bring some more next visit👌.


Job well done @patchstrips .


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