Wanderess Beauty Natural Dental Care Box

This week i have been working my way through the Natural Teeth & Mouth care box from @wanderessbeauty .


When you consider that you often ingest products you use in your daily dental routine it’s important to find safe natural effective products to use.


So let’s go through what’s in this box.


From @ommadeorganicskincare we have Tooth Whitening mud & Charcoal Dental floss. I have loved this Charcoal Floss & it comes in a little glass jar. I love using Charcoal products in my mouth, it cleans, detoxes and helps whiten teeth.

@pearlbarshop Charcoal & Bentonite clay toothpaste. This gives a great clean while detoxing the mouth.

Biome Bamboo Toothbrush & Holder, this is a stand out product for me. I always use Bamboo brushes as you can conpost them & also reduce plastic use. The Bamboo holder is a perfect travel companion & i love it. Looks so much more stylish than plastic also.

@moogooskincare Moothwash which i have been loving. It tastes great & gives my mouth a great freshen after brushing.

@keekooil Oil Pulling satchels, i try to Oil pull at least once a week. Swishing this around in your mouth for about 15 minutes detoxes & whitens teeth giving your mouth a great cleanse.


All these products are Natural, Safe, Vegan & Cruelty free while keeping your teeth 🦷 clean & sparkling.



@wanderessbeauty .


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