Wanderess Beauty Natural Perfume Box.

I love Natural Perfumes & look what @wanderessbeauty have on offer making a perfect Christmas present for yourself or a loved one. This is on pre-sale unt the 30th Nov so get in quick.



This is our exclusive, stand-alone, #naturalperfume discovery box.

These gorgeous boxes are filled with natural, non-toxic, cruelty free and high performing Australian Natural Perfumes. .

You may not be aware that all of those mainstream and high end #perfumes are filled with #toxins. These toxins are linked to hormonal problems, breathing difficulties, skin irritations and even cancer. No thanks!


There is a healthier way, and it is natural perfumes. Make the switch. Smell great, naturally. Featuring @imenaturalperfume @kismybody @hanakotherapies @baeveganperfume @estelles_haven @halkab_organics




Definitely something I’m getting my hands on, order yours today. Head over to @wanderessbeauty Click the link in bio.


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