15% Bonus Point Month with Velocity

Did you know it’s 15% bonus Velocity Points all this month when you transfer points?

I did so i got in and transferred all the points i could from my Credit Card & Fly Buys, you even earn Status credits with your Fly Buy point tranfers.


So how good are Velocity points? Well good enough that when i fly i use them to upgrade me to business class.

What is so good about Business class? Well this delish meal for one, extra roomy seats 💺 while you get on & off the plane first plus you can use the Lounge.


The best tip i have for earning loads of points are Shop at Coles for Fly Buys, Petrol at the BP, Use a Anz Black Rewards Credit Card, Link your AGL account, Link your Medibank Account, Shop Ebay & other reward partners which are all on the New Website. Then watch your points add up, it really doesn’t take long for them to start adding up, plus i earn points & status credits everytime i fly 😀.


Want that upgrade or Reward seat sooner well start looking at all the great ways you can earn points without even flying 👌. I know i love earning points & loved scoring a extra 15% this month with my transfers. Transfer before the end of the month to seal this deal!


@velocityfrequentflyer the only way to Fly & Shop 🎉.


@velocityfrequentflyer .


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