Baji Skincare

I love working my way through a brand & lately it’s been @bajiskincare. After trying their Certified Organic Rosehip & Argan oils i knew i needed to get more of this range.


This is a Sydney based natural & organic skincare brand that captures the amazing Australian botanicals our country has to offer.


For the last few months now i have been using the Super-Nutri Eye Rescue Cream & Serum.

I hadn’t used a eye serum before so this was a new routine for me & I’m hooked. I love this extra light serum with Green Coffee & Cucumber 🥒. It glides on so easy & soaks it really fast. Once soaked in i follow with the Super-Nutri Eye Rescue cream packed with Lilly Pilly Berry & Papaya Extract.

The cream is so creamy with no scent & non irritating. I use under and around my eyes leaving them feeling beautiful & highly hydrated.

Since i have been using these 2 products i have noticed no bags or dark circles & all my fine lines are no all plump. I’m definitely happy with my new eye routine & hey I’m not getting any younger so about time i stepped up my eye care routine.

A handy little tip i always do with eye creams to, use a little in your top lip where wrinkles start & also on forhead lines.


Totally happy with these 2 products 👀 and my eyes are popping.


Baji Skincare has a fabulous offer on at the moment as well, purchase the Super-Nutri Eye Rescue Serum & Cream at 50% off with code juanita21.


Also get your hands on the Certified Organic Rosehip & Argan oil at 50% off with code juanita21. Best time to try new products is when you get great 50% off deals.


Check out Baji Skincare


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