Virgin Velocity Flight

I love flying Virgin Australia and wow have i been racking up some Velocity points with all my flights to Sydney & back.


Your Virgin points can be used for flights, hotel stays and even for upgrades for your flights. Did you know you can use your points for a bid to upgrade to Business class?

So my last flight to Sydney i thought i would do just that. You just put in how many points you would like to use for a upgrade & they will let you know a few days before if your bid was excepted & wow your upgraded.


So what is the upgrade? Well flying Business class is definitely a grand upgrade, huge comfy seats with room to move, so much leg room you can put your legs out straight, use of the Virgin lounge where available, a delish meal & all the drinks & snacks you could want.

Not only that you get to get on & off the plane first & even get to check your bag at the priority queue. .

I loved having this experience & was definitely happy with the service. I have already put a bid in for my flight back home as well. Fingers crossed 🤞.


I also earn Velocity points in loads of others ways than just flying to. I earn points from my Virgin Credit card, Fly buys for Status points, Medibank private, Agl, Ebay shopping & also my Petrol from the BP. If you check out the Virgin Velocity website you will see how many easy ways you can earn points to use for your next holiday.


Here’s to flying in style with just using my points 😀. They have me hooked already & can’t wait to fly again.


@velocityfrequentflyer .


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