Haru Haru Australia

Wonderful mask time with the Wonder range from @haruharu_australia .


These are Cotton & Moso Bamboo charcoal sheet masks that i think are great quality. I’m so in love with the black Moso bamboo charcoal masks. They are thick & stay on face really well while being very moisturing. .

So i will run through the masks, all 4 i did like but the White packet was my favourite. This was the Honey Green Brilliant Moso Bamboo mask for pigmentation, boost radiance & hydrates. The Purple one was the Cotton Maqui Berry Anti-Oxidant this also helps with pigmentation & deeply hydrates for a brighter even toned complexion. The red one is a 100% cotton one with Honey Green Repairative that boosts radiance, hydrates & correct pigmentation. .

The green one which is also a Moso bamboo charcoal mask has the extract of fermented Green tea with honey that Helps with pigmentation & hydrates.


All creams have a colour coded cream to go with the mask, my favourite cream was also the White one. I was happy with all 4 masks & if i had to buy i would definitely be getting the White range the Honey Green Brilliant. My skin was very hydrated & pigments alot more even from using these.


This range is not for Vegans as it does have the honey ingredient but i will have the Vegan masks soon to show you all. I’m personally a sucker for face masks with honey in them 😀.


@haruharu_australia is a Natural skincare range free from Parabens, chemicals, Artificial frangrances & cruelty free.

Use code juanita10 for 10% off the range @haruharu_australia . http://www.haruharu.com.au.


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